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erin feldman

There is SO MUCH going on in here that made me glow (“Nana always said, the devil’s in the details, and it always made me want to roll my DNA across the dinner table and say, show me on the double helix where god lives, I’d like to work on our chemistry.” AND “I nerded out like the first time I got to drink the church wine. Holy grail.”)
Thank you for teaching me a new word (pachyderm).
This moment was very important to me, but it wasn’t picked up later or before, or maybe not obviously enough for me, and I wanted more explicit connection between the elephant in the room and the grandmas: The next time I’m asked to say grace, I want to tell my family that forgiveness and acceptance are the same damn thing. Two tusks on the same elephant that’s been standing in the same room since you came out of the closet, rookie.