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erin feldman

Y’all are some passionate, articulate mofos! Damn.

I would love some notes on logic and if the cliches “work” (I see so many, ugh) in this sestina. The form drove some of the weirder line breaks, and made me do potentially dumb/clever things with the ending words.
Thank you

Upon Listening to Hours of the Post-Doom Podcast, I wonder: How Will We Know When It’s Over?

There’s no stopping the runaway momentum of biosphere collapse
despite the myth of perpetual progress (like a cancer cell, appetite
unquenchable). We (present company probably excluded) are addicted to the false god hubris.
If human transition from Paleolithic bands to Neolithic villages was a pilgrimage
of self-awareness awakening
then a sense of self that contains inside itself deep time

and transcends ye olde science/humanities Us versus Them is the deep, time-
centered tale tracing a family tree of flora who developed into fauna who collapsed
what they built! Electricity still works right now and some of us are awake
to our collective lust for victory with or without winning. This colonial appetite
has dislocated us from life, a moral regression instead of pilgrimage.
STILL, Campbell’s heroes take their journey and end at hubris.

Maybe (cue the understatement cannon) to collapse well we must jettison hubris.
How will we know it’s over? That’s for deep time
to judge. What is inescapably real on this pilgrimage
are the anticipated hardships ahead. Even in collapse
our domesticated appetite
for air travel and air conditioning can’t be filled. Those awake

willingly wade into despair, into grief awakening
from the scrappy and self reliant hero’s hubris
into an unmistakable unity with Gaea’s people and this appetite
for unification isn’t just nice, it is a sense of self contained in deep time
a sense of self in plural. To collapse
well, study both sides of the knife. Move this pilgrimage.

Arriving at the sacred principle of enoughness is a pilgrimage
that can’t begin until we make peace with our suffering. Awaken
to the uncuttable fact of collapse.
When do we give up this hubris
to start saving seeds? to hunt hares in the yard? Deep time
reminds us that we live in fleshy, mortal water bags of appetite.

I dream a great turning away from greed and chaos— my appetite
groans to celebrate our dying civilization like beloved dead dancing pilgrimage
to the summer country, despite the dread. We can go deep, time
and raw elements in the living world awaken
a sense of Gaean identity at once mutual and personal. Hubris
lies about our separate, permanent self. And we believe it? Collapse

appetite, and deep time are the lovers guiding us.
How will we know it’s collapsed? Every pilgrim
knows how to awaken. To live any other way is hubris.