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Foreign Correspondent III

..and now Kabul


braying cowards

marauding in packs

casual barbarity

honed on a death-scent

vindicated by God

and an AK47

And you

ever determined

tracking chaos’s wake

witness to severed lives

limb after family limb


discarded in the dust for dogs

When the centre implodes

we all die

My love

grant me just one minute of your mind


my army

a loyal rush of wings


how they lift you

how they weave bright blues

through your shadow

It’s a quiet, secret place

where we dance

where we open

beyond the glare of sobbing despair

I’m holding you

in a languorous air-born waltz

we roll and turn

night into day

Breathe me in

inhale the nape of my neck

the soft, shy valleys

where my inner thighs

rise to meet you

inhale me

slower than slow

As we dissolve

our bodies exhaled apart

promise me

in your pursuit of the next contagion

you’ll listen out for my levity’s call