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Hey friends. Here’s what up on the chopping block for me this week. Threw this up a post a couple of weeks ago but leaving it here again in case Buddy needs to find it. Cheers.


It’s my birthday and a storm is coming. How fitting

I stand before you a shell of the man I once was.

So find me in the quiet hour…
Looking for the courage it takes to spell out the coward in me.

The heavy, heavy.

It’ll eat you alive on your worst days.

Now walk with me. For as long as you can bear. And know that, that’s enough

When the courage you’ve given equals the fear you’ve faced, you’ll look at what you called scars and realize they only were paper cuts.

It took me years to learn that the survival comes easy when the fight gives up.

Give up.

There’s another storm coming. There always is.

Everything I was certain about didn’t turn out to be the shelter I hoped it would be. Turns out hope is not the savior you thought it was. But you are.

So find me in the quiet hour…
Dreaming about the kind of love the rapture is made of

Waiting for the recourse, like it’s not already you

While barbarians broke bricks into benevolence
We stood at the mouth of all this truth.

Of the foxhole flushed with fervor.
Of all our dreams come true.
The Tea cups at the Alamo
The nestled silver spoons.

The haphazard and the glorious,
The ocean and the storm.

The cinderblocks turned breadcrumb. I know the now was worth the fight.
I know the mercy begged for powder kegs just so it could turn to light.

Whiplash never felt so much like a joyride
Hollow never felt so much like an answer

I just wanted to find freedom bigger than my surrender

Give me long enough, and my grace will speak so loud you’ll mistake it for my ego. I swear.

A day will come, I promise, when the things you carry will only keep you company and not weigh you down.

I stand before you a shell of the man I once was.
Now unbothered by the parts of me I’ve left behind.

Life happens, and we soften.

The stardust had light years…Light years to fall. Take your time.

It is okay to be candy glass, even when the rest of the world is a bullet.

What if the shrapnel is only here to make a mess.
Let it confetti.
Let this be the worst of it.