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      Elizabeth McClellan

      Y’all, this project has lit a fire under me. After last week I took the poetry manuscript that had been sitting while I resentfully stared at it for months and reorganized the entire thing into a cohesive concept I’m actually excited about and it was all riding the high from this.

      I’ve got some cool calls for submissions rattling around to share, all paying, if anyone wants me to share them.

      Thanks for being here. And remember. “They can’t stop the spring.”

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      Victoria Ruiz

      Elizabeth, that is so great to hear! Congrats on your submissions! I’d love to hear what you’ve found! Thank you!!

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        I would love to know about any submissions. I really want to start submitting some of my piece but I don’t know where to start.

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      Ahhh! I love seeing participants! Teacher’s pets, you two!

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