[singlepic id=33 w=350 h=350 float=right]Track Listing:

  1. The Information Man
  2. My Town
  3. Air Horn into Bedrooms and Battle Scars
  4. Human the Death Dance
  5. Tim and Buddy Banter
  6. Arizona Summers
  7. Gandhi’s Autobiography
  8. Guitar Repair Woman
  9. Giant Saint Everything
  10. What Do You People Do?
  11. We Were Emergencies
  12. Jean Heath
  13. Older People
  14. Horsehead
  15. Flockprinter
  16. Pretend Intro
  17. Pretend
  18. Convenience Stores

“…never before has a spoken word album been released with such dazzling spirit and brain staining force. This is bound to set the standard for the genre forever.” —Derrick C. Brown, author of How the Body Works the Dark

“Buddy Wakefield is one of the most beloved and respected figures in the U.S. and international Poetry Slam scene, and it is a position he has earned through hard work, through his bright and beautiful spirit, and by harnessing and sharpening a talent so boundless, audiences can’t help but go breathless. Thus, I was so thrilled to find out that Live at the Typer Cannon Grand doesn’t just showcase Wakefield’s best-known poems; it exuberantly celebrates everything we all love about seeing him take a stage live. Nearly each track was recorded in a different venue, giving a fantastic window into the life of this working performance poet, who brings everything he’s got to the mic, whether the venue is small enough that each individual hoot & giggle can be heard, or large enough that the mid-poem applause sounds like a rumbling thunder. With crisp and clean recordings, it honestly does feel like we are there.

“Content-wise, the album is pitch-perfect. Wakefield’s graceful and selfless storytelling sings on tracks like ‘Jean Health’ and ‘Convenience Stores.’ He fearlessly shines light into darker corners of his life with poems like “Bedrooms and Battle Scars” and ‘Guitar Repair Woman.’ His wit and charm glitter in cuts like ‘Arizona Summers’ and ‘Tim and Buddy Bantar.’ And his experiments with incorporating music in pieces like ‘Human the Death Dance’ and ‘We Were Emergencies’ add deep and contrast to the radiant recordings of his live performances. And my heavens, this album is worth it for the recordings of ‘Flockprinter’ and ‘Giant Saint Everything’ alone — seeringly honest and emotionally dazzling pieces that had me dumbstruck and vibrating in my NYC subway car, absolutely grateful that Righteous Babe Record did this poet right.” —Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, NY Times Bestselling Author

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