Writers Anonymous: A 5-Week Poem Recovery Course with Buddy Wakefield

Welcome to a new workshop by Buddy Wakefield! Writers Anonymous is a generative, edit-heavy and feedback-focused five-week writing course developed for all levels.



Each week will be centered on elevating the poems of the participants. Throughout the five weeks, at least twenty students will have an opportunity to be ushered into the spotlight for a candid, safe conversation with Buddy about their work, craft, logic, experience, intentions, and details. If you feel you’ve honed none of these things, even better, welcome. You belong here. 

Writers Anonymous includes:

  • Five 2.5-hour live classes in a supportive environment with discourses, discussions, insights and plenty of opportunities to go off the high dive for the first time.
  • Q&A with Buddy to review each session and answer to the needs of participants.
  • Individualized attention. While not all feedback will be given live for those willing, at least one of your poems will receive detailed feedback from Buddy.
  • Private discussion group for questions, sharing, resources, insights, and feedback with fellow participants.
  • Homefun writing assignments with recommended viewing and reading.
  • Access to class recordings.

After five weeks you will be able to:

  • better identify cliché’s and inefficient language that may live in your work.
  • give yourself and others more honest feedback when editing, with an improved eye for detail.
  • implement new and practical tools for enhancing the quality of your work.
  • more effectively build trust with your audience, even if that’s just you, every step of the way.